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Mionzijua Company Limited is committed to providing highest quality products and services and is active in six primary areas in power supply solution:
1. Solar Photovoltaic Electric System.
Solar power for rural homes, schools, clinics, airports and hotels using solar electric power systems designed for efficiency and low cost. Selling solar panel of high quality, TRACE and VICTRON for unbeatable inverters and Victron, Hima and chloride Exide for high quality solar batteries.

Mionzijua Company Limited is committed to provide world-class & industrial quality solutions to the most demanding requirement.
2. Solar Water Heater
The benefits of solar water heating are well known - energy from the sun costs nothing, and depending on which Chromagen model you select, you can receive an average 80% of your hot water requirements for free! And while you're reducing your power bill, you're helping the environment. Advanced Israel solar heating technology, superior design and quality materials ensure the very best in efficiency, slashing your electricity bills while you enjoy steaming hot water, all year round. Wherever you are in the world, winter or summer, Chromagen systems are simple, durable and efficient hot water solutions. Standard 5 year limited warranty and no maintenance costs...
2.1.Thermosiphon Systems - Both the hot water storage tank and solar collectors are mounted as one seamless unit on the roof using natural convection to move water through the system, minimizing energy requirements. They are built with advanced, lightweight durable materials that are also aesthetically appealing.
2.2. Split Systems - Solar collector panels mounted on the roof harness the energy from the sun and transfer it to the ground mounted tank which can be ours or your existing tank if properly insulated. Flexibility and cost cutting are key features in this system.

3. Uninterruptible power System.
Standby uninterruptible power systems for critical loads in areas with mains power using high quality inverter/ charger system and modern battery technology. These systems can guarantee performances and profitability in offices, medical clinics and small businesses.

4. High efficiency power products.
Utilization of high-efficiency electrical appliances and control systems to reduce power requirements and electrical bills. The most cost-effective measure for meeting mains power requirement is through improving the efficiency of power utilization.

5. Radio communication
The word ‘communicate’ comes from the Latin word communicare, which means to share, give or inform. Latin, of course, has become what we call dead language, and with today’s fast-paced lifestyle it seems that many of us have forgotten what communication is all about.
Why do you need radio communication?
With the promises of improved telephone lines and the expanded cellular services, you might be asking yourself why you should invest in radio communication. The answers are quite simple:
  • Security.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Dependability.
  • Availability.
  • Extended coverage.

Radio communication provides you with the security of knowing you can contact help from wherever you are. Costs are reduced, as there is no charge for usage. Unlike phones and cellular, you can talk all you want. Radio is also far more dependable than dealing with out of services phone lines or congested mobile traffic. And, if you go to hard to reach areas, radio communication is available now. There is no need to wait for ‘expand services’ that may be years away.

Which radio system is right for you?
n Tanzania, we use HF and VHF systems. They each have their benefits and limitations.

HF radios offer longer range because they are not depending on line-of site between the two stations. HF ‘bounces’ the signal off the earth’s atmosphere, reflecting it back to the receiving station. This offers long range communication but at loss of clarity. HF is generally used for base to base or base to mobile communication. Hand held units are not available for HF communication.
VHF depends on line-of site. This allows for much clear reception but limits the distance of communication. VHF is generally used for communication with mobile units, base station and base to hand held. It is deal for company with vehicles that stay near town but need frequent contact. It is also ideal for locations which have flat terrain, where with the use of a repeater, the coverage can be extended up to above 100 Kilometers.

Mionzijua Company Limited designs the system that best fits your needs. We talk to you about your usage, the area you travel to, and what you want to accomplish with your communication system. We carry a wide line of hand held mobile and base units.

We have a qualified and experienced technicians and well-equipped workshop; by combining both of them together we are able to solve all your problems. We repair all type of radio communication equipment.
We supply Yaesu; ICOM in HF range and Motorola in VHF range.

Our Products
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
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