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Mionzijua Company Limited (MJL) was formed in 2005 has a certificate of Incorporation No. 53908, is a renewable energy company which provides Supply and Installation of renewable energy solutions (Solar and Wind) and electrical goods.
We design, integrate, supply, install and commission electrical appliances and solar energy systems for telecommunication applications, power back up system and rural electrification, security applications and irrigation. 
 We maintain a dedicated staff of Sales and Marketing, engineers, designers, and installers to make Tanzanian customers well satisfied beyond their expectation. Our focus is on quality, professionalism, and services.  We achieve customer satisfaction by honoring our commitments, exceeding expectations, and providing the highest quality products and service.

Business plays an important role in the daily life routine. It is a necessity, without which we cannot do day to day work. Therefore a best Business partner is required to make a day going smooth. By having a right partner Like Mionzijua Company Limited it’s a Right choice.
Our well- equipped workshop and experienced technician are trained to provide services beyond to Customer Expectation. We do all the activities to support our Business Partner in any kind of equipment as long as a proper survey has been done and the right equipment has been provided. We boast to so to do so efficiently.

Mionzijua Company Limited company’s owners, board and employees strongly believe in to continue to help expand the global solar energy industry to make solar power a clean, reliable energy source for everyone.

Our vision is to become the Tanzania Company leader in Supplying high quality and cost effective solar PV modules that will provide clean, reliable, Non grid-competitive electric power around the Tanzania Market.

Mionzijua Company Limited has established a culture with a set of core values that help define how the company does business and pursues it mission. Mionzijua Company Limited team applies these values everyday and they serve as the foundation for interactions with customers, suppliers and business partners. EmbracesMionzijua Company Limited these core values as essential in achieving the long term goal of becoming one of the leading vertically integrated companies in the solar PV industry in Tanzania.

Integrity: At the core of Mionzijua Company Limited’s values is integrity. The company firmly maintains the highest standards of integrity in all of its business relationships and works with local and international business partners who share this view.

Quality: Mionzijua Company Limited adheres to international quality standards and institutes stringent quality control processes in its operations. The company strives to consistently deliver high quality products to the market.

Accountability: Mionzijua Company Limited team embodies a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. The company seeks to build strong relationships with partners who share a commitment to growing the solar PV industry.

Teamwork: Teamwork is a key component of Mionzijua Company Limited success. The company has built a team of highly qualified individuals who share this philosophy of teamwork. This notion of teamwork extends from the management team down to each Mionzi Jua Company Limited employee and also extends to our customers, suppliers, partners and investors who seek to strengthen the solar PV industry as a whole.

Passion: The success of Mionzijua Company Limited is driven by employees who are enthusiastic about our business model and our mission. The team seeks to translate such energy into stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Passion and enthusiasm will continue to fuel the development of Mionzijua Company Limited

Our Products
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
Watches, Coats, Wallets, Duffel Bags, Groomers, and More
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Mionzijua Company Limited

Postal Address:
P.O Box 10384
Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Physical Address:

Makamba and Msimbazi Street, Kariakoo.

Tel: +255 22 2550766
Fax:+255 22 2550766
Mob:+255 786148148